Friday, February 10, 2017

Golden Jubilee Class of 67 Stanes High School Coimbatore

The class of 67 of my school, Stanes High School , Coimbatore, of which I am a part, celebrated their Golden Jubilee on 28 and 29 Jan 17 with a short function at school followed by a bash at Vision Resorts, Annaikatty. Attached below are a few photographs of the event.

 The crystal glass momento with all the names internally laser engraved 

 Group photo in the school hall. The lady in the middle is Mrs Alice Mathew, one of the only two surviving class teachers of our vintage, it was a Golden Jubilee for her as well as she joined the school in 67

 The better halves who accompanied us

 Lunch at Niligiri Biosphere reserve

Group photograph of classmates, their spouses and some children at the resort


Farewell dinner at Cosmopolitan Club, Coimbatore on 29th evening after the event

The official group photograph

Key chain gifted to all classmates

Views of the resort

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mini get-together at Bangalore, Thursday 09 Feb 2017

Srividya, Incognito, Arden and self met at Century Club at Bangalore for lunch as Srividya was in town. Few photographs placed below.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

8th Anniversary THCC

Was pleasantly surprised late in the evening when Ajeesh landed up at my residence to present me with a cake on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the THCC blog.

Thank you Ajeesh.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Grand Finale IXL-2016

The finals of IXL-2016 were held at Hotel Royal Orchid, Bangalore. Ramki won the trophy making it a hat-trick of wins.
Some photographs of the event ...

The setting for the finale

Attempting the 21x21 preliminary CW, Vinoo's pose says it all

Another view of the preliminaries

Ochintya Sharma, the MC conducting the on stage round

 Ramki Krishnan, Arvind Ramaswamy, Abhay Phadnis on stage

Jose Abreu, Srividya Krishnaswamy, Vinoo Sanjay on stage 

Ochintya conducts the on stage round 

The audience 

 Another view of the audience

Ramki the hat-trick winner with Vivek Singh the mentor of IXL

It was Ramki all the way right from the first answer MARTIAL which he got in a flash, no one was anywhere close to him all through the two CWs of the on stage round as well as the buzzer round. So commanding was his performance that his score at the end was equal to the sum score of the two who were placed second and third 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bhavans visit to Hyd, Chennai & B'lore - Oct 2016

Some photographs of Bhavan's visit to Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore

While at Hyderabad

KKR, Raghu, Ramesh (Singh!!), Bhavan and Sandhya

While at Chennai

Bhala, Bhavan, Paddy and Rishikesh

Ramki, Bhala, Bhavan, Paddy and Rishikesh

While at Bangalore

Mohsin, Devanathan, Kishore, and Bhavan

Mohsin, Devanathan, Self and Kishore

Saturday, March 12, 2016

S & B Meet, 12 Mar 2016, Chennai

Here are some snaps from the S & B Meet held at Chennai. Unfortunately quite a few of us missed out on this one.

 Vijay (VJ), Ajeesh and Aakash

 Bhala and Rishikesh

 Vijay, Ajeesh, Aakash, Bhala, Rishikesh and Bhavan

Bhavan (Buzzer), Rishikesh (Gridman), Bhala (xChequer), Aakash (Exa), Ajeesh (Rainmon), Vijay (VJ/Vulcan), Ramki 

Bhavan, Rishikesh, Bhala, Ramki, Aakash, Ajeesh and Vijay

Shrikanth and Abhay missed the meet?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mini S&B at Secunderabad 23 Jan 2016

Was nice to meet few more Crossword enthusiasts whom I have only seen and communicated with through THCC.

Posted below are ome snaps from the Mini S&B meet held at Minerva Coffee Shop, Secunderabad.

Ramesh (Sunnet), Mukundala Balasubramaniam (MB) and KKR (Koteswar Rao)
PS ; Sunnet is not sleeping, he is contemplating how quickly he can finish his next CW which is due to be submitted by Monday!!!

Self enjoying Vada Sambar, Sandhya her Crisp Rava Dosa, While Ramesh and MB give hungry looks.
PS : Sunnet is still awake

Don't we look contented and well fed!!

Ramesh proving that he is not asleep while MB poses

The five who met up Sandhya, Self, Ramesh, MB and KKR
The only prson missing fronm the twin cities being Raghunath (The Phantom) who has gone of to Gir for Lion watching (mind you not Bird watching)