Saturday, March 12, 2016

S & B Meet, 12 Mar 2016, Chennai

Here are some snaps from the S & B Meet held at Chennai. Unfortunately quite a few of us missed out on this one.

 Vijay (VJ), Ajeesh and Aakash

 Bhala and Rishikesh

 Vijay, Ajeesh, Aakash, Bhala, Rishikesh and Bhavan

Bhavan (Buzzer), Rishikesh (Gridman), Bhala (xChequer), Aakash (Exa), Ajeesh (Rainmon), Vijay (VJ/Vulcan), Ramki 

Bhavan, Rishikesh, Bhala, Ramki, Aakash, Ajeesh and Vijay

Shrikanth and Abhay missed the meet?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mini S&B at Secunderabad 23 Jan 2016

Was nice to meet few more Crossword enthusiasts whom I have only seen and communicated with through THCC.

Posted below are ome snaps from the Mini S&B meet held at Minerva Coffee Shop, Secunderabad.

Ramesh (Sunnet), Mukundala Balasubramaniam (MB) and KKR (Koteswar Rao)
PS ; Sunnet is not sleeping, he is contemplating how quickly he can finish his next CW which is due to be submitted by Monday!!!

Self enjoying Vada Sambar, Sandhya her Crisp Rava Dosa, While Ramesh and MB give hungry looks.
PS : Sunnet is still awake

Don't we look contented and well fed!!

Ramesh proving that he is not asleep while MB poses

The five who met up Sandhya, Self, Ramesh, MB and KKR
The only prson missing fronm the twin cities being Raghunath (The Phantom) who has gone of to Gir for Lion watching (mind you not Bird watching)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Mini meet at at Rockdale Hotel, Vizag

Suresh, Rama Suresh, Uma Rengaswamy, Rengaswamy

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What's cooking at Hyderabad?

Looks like preparations are underway at Hyderabad for the next S&B

Sandhya, Raghunath and MB

Ramesh, Raghu and MB

Raghu, MB, Sandhya, Ramesh and Bhavan

Monday, February 9, 2015

7th S&B Meet, Chennai, 08 Feb 2015

Here are the snaps of another memorable afternoon spent at The Presidency Club, Chennai in renewing old acquaintances and meeting new. Thanks to Bhavan for being the catalyst and thanks to Bhala for all the legwork in organising the event.

Bangalore was represented by a 6 strong contingent and Hyderabad made a maiden appearance with   2 attending from the twin cities not to forget one from the land of Oz. We had the pleasure this time of having 10 setters of THC in attendance. 

The meet was attended by

The Australian presence
K Bhavan (Buzzer) with Amudha and little Nina who were present for a short while.

The Bangalore Gang
Kishore M Rao (Incognito)
Shuchismita Upadhyay
AR Devanathan (Arden)
Mohsin Ahmed (Mac)
Aakash Sridhar (Exa)
Col Deepak Gopinath

The Chennai gang
Vijay Sarvagnam accompanied by his wife and brother-in-law
Bhalchandra Pasupathy (xChequer)
Shrikanth T (Afterdark)
CG Rishikesh (Gridman)
CG Bhargav
Abhay Phadnis
Arvind Ramaswamy
Ramki Krishnan (IXL 2014 Champion)
Lakshmi Vaidyanathan
Srividya Krishnaswamy
David Jayaprakash John
Ajeesh VM
N Rengaswamy
Padmanabhan PB
Navneeth Chandrasekaran

The Hyderabad Gang
Raghunath Parthasarathy (The Phantom)
Ramesh J (Sunnet)


 Awaiting the others. Vijay can be seen at the head of the table

 Almost all in. Mrs Vijay with her brother standing behind her are visible here

 Exam time with Buzzer's Teaser. Srividya can be seen in the corner at the rear

 5 more minutes

 Relieved after the exam

 Aakash, Bhavan and Devanathan in serious discussion


 Gridman, Afterdark, Exa, Buzzer, Bhala, Mac plotting outside

The Phantom joins the plotting gang. Wonder why Sunnet, Incognito and Arden went missing from this shot

 Abhay being congratulated (by an over happy Colonel) for his cracker of a Jumbo used as the prize special on the 6th Anniversary of the THCC Blog

 Arvind, Kishore and Laksmi strike a happy pose

 Awaiting the group shot

 Some more discussions. The venue of the meet 'Platinum point' can be seen in the background

 The happy posers are joined by 2 more though Gridman is striking a serious look

 Exa and David

 Bhavan, Shuchi and Mohsin exchanging notes

 Kishore, Devanathan, Laksmi and Shuchi flanking yours truly

 Bhala trying to convince Gridman to have a glass of beer (he finally succeeded)

Shuchi and Bhavan ...

 ... joined by Bhala and Shrikanth

 Kishore gets his prize from yours truly ...

 ... and so does Mohsin

 Mohsin, self and Ajeesh strike a pose

David clicking a selfie with me

The Groupie shot
Standing from LtoR - Lakshmi, Padmanabhan, Bhargav, Rengaswamy, Ramesh, Abhay, Rishikesh, Arvind, Ramki, Aakash, Devanathan, Mohsin, Kishore, Bhala, Raghunath, Self.
Sitting/Kneeling LtoR - Navneeth, Ajeesh, Shrikanth, Bhavan, David

Another groupie shot
Standing from LtoR - Lakshmi, Bhargav, Padmanabhan, Rengaswamy, Ramesh, Abhay, Rishikesh, Arvind, Shuchi, Devanathan, Ramki, Mohsin, Kishore, Raghunath.
Sitting/Kneeling LtoR - Navneeth, Ajeesh, Shrikanth, Bhavan, David, Aakash, Bhala.

PS - I wonder how no one managed to get a proper photo of Srividya as she is the only one missing from the photographs.

Ciao till we meet again hopefully in Hyderabad.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

IXL 2014 Finals, 21 Dec 2014, Bangalore

And so IXL 2014 has also come to an end with Ramki Krishnan taking the honours. The Finals had a 13x13 and a 15x15 in the prelims which were to be solved in an hour. Vinoo Sanjay was amazing, in that he solved both of them without an error in 32 minutes flat. The top 6 from the 19 who attended were Vinoo Sanjay, Ramki Krishnan, Mohsin Ahmed, Arvind Ramaswamy, Kishore Rao and Abhay Phadnis (The others being Shuchismita Upadhyay, Shachii Manik, Sowmya Ramkumar, Rahmat Ali, Sohrab Azam, Dr S Venkatesh, Jose De Abreu, Padmashree Ramabhadran, Vinod Raman, Anish Madhavan, Lahar Appaiah, Vinayak Rao Ekbote and Prasenjit Sarkar)

In the final onstage round the top six had to go through a 13x13 and a 15x15 at the end of which Kishore, Arvind and Ramki were tied at 90 points each. Ramki was declared the winner as he was the first amongst the three from the preliminary round.

For more details and interviews await Shuchi's report at Crossword Unclued.

Below are some snaps.

 Kishore, Sowmya, Anish and Shuchi

 Arvind, Rishikesh and Ramki

 Prasenjit and Arvind

 Sowmya, Anish, Shuchi and Kushagra

 The lady finalists Padmashree, Shuchi, Sowmya and Shachii

 Vinoo in the foreground and Shuchi in the background trying to get a selfie with Shachii and Kishore

 Sowmya, Arvind and Ramki. Padmashree and Vinayak are also seen in the background

 Shuchi taking another selfie while trying to fit in Sowmya, Arvind and Ramki as well

 The finalists engrossed in the prelims
L to R First row - Anish, Venkatesh, Sowmya, Abhay, Arvind, Padmashree
Second row - Lahar, Vinayak, Ramki, Vinoo, Prasenjit, Sohrab, (Jose not in frame)
Third row - Mohsin, Kishore, Shuchi, Shachii, Vinod (hidden behind the column)
Last row - Rahmat Ali

Arvind, Ramki, Anish, Mohsin, Self, Kishore, Rishi, Bhargav and Shuchi after it was all over.

Ciao till IXL 2015