Sunday, May 25, 2014

ADAI meet at RSI Bangalore 25 May 2014

Photographs at an ADAI meet at RSI Bangalore on 25 May 2014

Kishore and Devanathan

Devanathan and Shrikant, don't miss the pair in the foreground

Happy trio

From right to left A(fterdark), D(oppelganger), A(rden) and I(ncognito) get it now?

Lunch at last

Devanathan aka Arden in a pensive mood

Shrikant aka Afterdark catching up with work? Even while relaxing.

New look Kishore aka Incognito. Couldn't put a name to his new look as soon as I saw him but as I was driving back I realised he looked like one of the Dickensian characters. Mr Micawber maybe?

Time to break off after a great gathering. The ADAI got mixed up here.