Monday, July 7, 2014

6th S&B Meet, Chennai, 06 Jul 14

Here are the snaps of a memorable afternoon spent at The Presidency Club, Chennai in  renewing old acquaintances and meeting new. Thanks to Gita for being the catalyst and thanks to Bhala for all the legwork in organising the event.

 Briefing for the photo shoot

 The above seven snaps were taken when we were acting out for the photo shoot!!

 Those who attended less Lakshmi and Ajeesh who arrived late. From L to R are
Anuradha Rao, Abhay Phadnis, AR Devanathan, CG Rishikesh, Shrikanth T, Rengaswamy Narasimhan, CG Bhargav, Gita Iyer, Padmanabhan, Sudarshan Rao, Col Deepak Gopinath, Dr D Sreenivasan, Bhalachandra Pasupathy, Vijay K, Venkatesh Prabhakar, Amrith R, Navneeth Chandrashekar

 The seven setters who attended from LtoR
Vulcan, xChequer, Arden, Gridman, Lightning, Klue Klux Klan, Afterdark

 Now that the shoot is over it's time to move in for the Wine, Cheese, Chocolates and you know what else...

 Some serious confabulations

The die-hard CW buff, she even has it hanging around her neck !!!

 Lakshmi to the right of Anuradha is pensive after missing out on the group photo

 Ajeesh at the extreme left is amused after coming in late!!

 Gridman takes centre stage explaining the CW he had brought along for us to solve. The same will appear in the next Sunday Special

 Lunch at last

The next lot of photographs were taken at Shrikanth's residence where we went to wind down with Beer, Vodka and Idlis

See the report in The Hindu at this link THE PUZZLE THAT BINDS THEM

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A chance meeting

At a wedding in Chennai on Tuesday, July 2, 2014, that he attended, C. G. Rishikesh (aka Gridman, Chaturvasi) ran into Gita Iyer who was on a visit to India from California.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mini meet

 When Raghunath was on a visit to Chennai from Hyderabad, he took some time off to meet friends Rishikesh and Padmanabhan. This was on Monday, June 30, 2014. In the picture: (from left) Padmanabhan, Rishikesh (aka Gridman and Chaturvasi) and Raghunath (aka The Phantom - the setter)
Looks like they were in total disagreement !!!!