Sunday, December 24, 2017

IXL- 2017

Attached are some photographs from the IXL 2017 finals



 Rengaswamy and Suresh

Finalists Narayan, Arvind and Venkatraghavan

Finalists Jose, Lahar and Madhup

 Visible here Sowmya, Ramki, Ramesh

 Visible here Kishore, Rengaswamy, Aakash

 Aakash, Balaji and Dr Satyen partially

 Suresh collecting his memento from Mr Rajiv Gowda the Chief Guest

Venkatraghavan IXL-2017 Champion

The finalists with the organisers
First Row - Narayan Mandyam, Lahar Appaiah, Vignesh Kiran, Aniruddh Jeganathan, Kaustav Dutta, Himanshu Rajurkar, Vasant Sreenivasan, Rengaswamy, Ramki Krishnan, Vasant Rao Ekbote
Second Row - Kushagra Singh, Self, Jose De Abreu, Madhup K Tewari, Vivek Singh, Arvind Ramaswamy, Rajiv Gowda, Venkatraghavan S (IXL-17 Champion), Sreenivasan, Ochintya Sharma (MC), Ramesh Jaganathan, Suresh Dorbala, Supriya Mithal, Sowmya Ramkumar, Prasenjit Sarkar, Abhay Phadnis

Some more photographs will be added on receipt from the organisers

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

When LV met Ramki

Ramki and his son met LV at Kochi

Kumaresh, Ramki and LV

Sunday, December 3, 2017

S&B Meet No 9, Sunday 03 Dec 2017, Chennai

I was great to meet up with old friends and new. New friends being Ram (Ramani) and Prasad (Sree-sree), As usual at Chennai Bhala did all the legwork and we met up at our favourite haunt, Platinum Point at Presidency club. Some snaps attached below.

 L to R - Self, Bhavan (Buzzer), Subramaniam (Ramani/Ram), Bhargav, Ajeesh, Rishikesh (Gridman/Chaturvasi), Ramki (KrisKross), Dr Satyen Nabar (Dr. X), Bhala (xChequer), Padmanabhan, Prasad (Sree-Sree), Rengaswamy

Last minute drop outs due to fever/other commitments were Devanathan (Arden), Shrikanth (Afterdark) and Abhay.

Vignesh, Rajalakshmi and Suresh Babu were the others who could not make it.

Bye then till we meet again

Sunday, July 9, 2017

15th International Jawa/Yezdi day

At the 15th International Jawa/Yezdi day attempting a Guinness World record for the most out of production Jawa/Yezdi motorcycles gathered at one place. Riders came in from Mangalore, Bombay, Pune, Pondicherry, Kerala, Tamilnadu. The final tally for the record was 409 though many more came in after the deadline.
One rider completed a solo 8000 mile journey over the past one month on his 1975 model Yezdi, returning early this morning. He went from Bangalore to Leh/Ladakh, Lahaul-Spiti and returned via Rajasthan, Gujarat.

 Reached early to get the number 1 tag

 My bike

Phot credits: Kuldeep, Kishore's son. (I forgot to carry my phone and camera)

For some more photographs/videos of the event go to the following links

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mini meet at Hyderabad

Date Monday, June 19 7.30 pm

Venue: Minerva Grand, Hyderabad

Hosted by Ramesh J and family

 Ramesh, Varsha and Shriya

 Matilda, Richard, Raghunath, MB, Ramesh, Varsha and Shriya

 Matilda, Richard and Raghunath


 Ramesh, Varsha and Matilda

 MB and Raghunath


MB and Ramesh

Friday, February 10, 2017

Golden Jubilee Class of 67 Stanes High School Coimbatore

The class of 67 of my school, Stanes High School , Coimbatore, of which I am a part, celebrated their Golden Jubilee on 28 and 29 Jan 17 with a short function at school followed by a bash at Vision Resorts, Annaikatty. Attached below are a few photographs of the event.

 The crystal glass momento with all the names internally laser engraved 

 Group photo in the school hall. The lady in the middle is Mrs Alice Mathew, one of the only two surviving class teachers of our vintage, it was a Golden Jubilee for her as well as she joined the school in 67

 The better halves who accompanied us

 Lunch at Niligiri Biosphere reserve

Group photograph of classmates, their spouses and some children at the resort


Farewell dinner at Cosmopolitan Club, Coimbatore on 29th evening after the event

The official group photograph

Key chain gifted to all classmates

Views of the resort